Zines (page open while under construction!)


While these are not really designed to be read online, in the interest of sharing them I’ve tried to make them decently navigable. You can also print your own!—some are double sided and all work best on borderless printers. (Here is a handy folding guide)

Feel free to print and share them as long as you do not sell them or claim you made them. I’d love to see where they end up or what you think! :)

bliss cover.jpg

So You Want To Make a Universal Language

Winter 2018

Made for the NY Tech Zine Fest, you can read it here, or download your own to print here

So You Kinda Made a Universal Language

Spring 2019

Made as a sequel to So You Want… for the exhibition Spectacular Grammar: Infrastructure as Universal Language

read it here and download it here

if you’d like to see a scan of Chinese Esperanto magazine El Popola Ĉinio from 1966, click here! (it is also still being published digitally)

esp cover.jpg

bean cover.jpg

A Bit About Those Beans

Spring 2018

Made out of coffee love and for a mini-tasting at The School For Poetic Computation

read it here and print your own here